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ASVAB Explanation

The ASVAB is a multi-aptitude test which is given at over 14,000 schools nationwide, and maintained by the Department of Defense.

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The ASVAB features eight individual subtests:
Subtest Minutes Questions Description
General Science 11 25 Measures knowledge of physical and biological sciences
Arithmetic Reasoning 36 30 Measures ability to solve arithmetic word problems
Word Knowledge 11 25 Measures ability to select the correct meaning of words presented in context, and identify synonyms
Paragraph Comprehension 13 15 Measures ability to obtain information from written material
Auto and Shop Information 11 25 Measures knowledge of automobiles, tools, and shop terminology and practices
Mathematics Knowledge 11 35 Measures knowledge of high school mathematics principles
Mechanical Comprehension 19 25 Measures knowledge of mechanical and physical principles, and ability to visualize how illustrated objects work
Electronics Information 9 20 Tests knowledge of electricity and electronics

Total number of items: 200
Test Time: 134 minutes
Administrative Time: 46 minutes
Total Test Time: 180 minutes

The ASVAB is not an IQ test. It does not measure intelligence. The battery of tests were designed specifically to measure an individual's aptitude to be trained in specific jobs.
The ASVAB subtests for determining the composites are: General Science (GS); Arithmetic Reasoning (AR); Word Knowledge (WK); Paragraph Comprehension (PC); Numerical Operations (NO); Coding Speed (CS); Auto and Shop Information (AS); Mathematics Knowledge (MK); Mechanical Comprehension (MC); Electronics Information (EI); and Sum of Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension, scaled (VE).

Current aptitude area composites used for MOS selection are as follows:

CL - Clerical-VE+AR+MK

CO - Combat-AR+CS+AS+MC

EL - Electronics-GS+AR+MK+EI

FA - Field Artillery-AR+CS+MK+MC

GM - General Maintenance-GS+AS+MK+EI

GT - General Technical-VE+AR

MM - Mechanical Maintenance-NO+AS+MC+EI

OF - Operators and Food-VE+NO+AS+MC

SC - Surveillance and Communications-VE+AR+AS+MC

ST - Skilled Technical-GS+VE+MK+MC




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ASVAB Explanation


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